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computer input into head unit

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  • computer input into head unit

    I have a carputer and i just hooked it up to my head unit. I used a stero cord l,r to the audio port in my computer it plays music through the Aux menu in my head unit but i cant control the volume from the head unit. Also i have a sub and it does play during the song. Anyone know the answer if i can be fixed? thanks chris

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    sound like you have a bad head unit - i have never seen one that doesnt control the volume for the aux in


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      i dont think my friend hooked it up to the aux in..... its a 500 dollar eclipse the best model they made two years ago it has two aux's, but im almost positive that it wasnt an aux in cable we attached it too. But it still plays in aux? maybe i have to set something on the head unit im going to need to read the manual