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Custom Secondary input using old radio bezel?

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  • Custom Secondary input using old radio bezel?

    OK, i'm nowhere ready to do this, but i just got an idea and am wondering if i could do it with x-keys . Well i know i can, but to my understanding the computer views it as a keyboard input, so i wonder how it would handle multiple keyboards esp if you have mapped keyboard commands. I have no idea how windows (or linux for that matter) would handle multiple keyboards.

    My idea: I'm building a rather stealth system with a pop out display that will sit behind a dummy radio bezel. My idea is to wire up a 20x4 LCD or something behind the area where the display wold be in the radio to display time, song, artist, etc, and wire up all the switches on the bezel to control my mp3 player functions, and some other random things

    When i'm really *driving* my car, the last thing i need is a screen distracting me or possibly moving around, so why not use the original radio bezel to do next/prev track, volume, etc. of course i would need to wire everything to the bezel and have some kind of plug for easy removal and 'installation', but what i'm wondering right now is just how to interface the computer with this idea while still being able to use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo with no problems?

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    That product looks like something I could really use....doesn't $60 seem kinda steep for a lil bit of PCB and some software?


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      checkout the matrix orbital displays, they have keypad inputs on them that you could use for this.

      I'm also doing something very similar to this, I have the hardware mostly done now and am working on the software end. If you have any questions feel free to ask
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