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MS Media Center Remote - whos first to try it ?

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  • MS Media Center Remote - whos first to try it ?

    newegg has it for 39 usd and it comes with a usb ir receiver, so whos the first to see if it works on other OS' other than XP media centre ? and whether it will do the trick with frodoplayer / media car / media engine ????
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    sorry to be so vague, but Someone had a pics of a remote that, I believe was being sold on E-bay that was a remote and keyboard. It had a clamshell design.
    Remote opened up to a keyboard.
    Not trying to hijack your thread, but that was a pretty cool and efficient looking remote. Just a suggestion based solely of the initial look-see. That microsoft remote looks kinda bulky for the car environment IMO.
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      I run xp media center with the remote. Supposedly it does not work with any other os. However, I am about to pull it out. When I do, I'll try it on one of my machines with xp pro and let you know.

      Without tinkering with has basic functionality with winamp. The receiver box is big and bulky (I had to completely hack mine to make it look good).

      Don't recommend it.


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        im using this remote but mainly only arrows sort of work and volume.. using with road runner... and got winamp not working though


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          I have this remote and I like it. It's comfy in the hand, buttons are well placed and it works great with XPMCE but it's not really suitable for in-car use since it's not programmable at all.

          Also, my channel and volume buttons are hard to press-does anyone else experience this?