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  • Panasonic CD Changer emulator

    Just wanted to ask if anyone did this before, as I finished soldering of this beast and wanted to get some feedback or advice.
    Actually this device will allow to use PC along with the standard HU( amp+ keypad+ lcd ) without any other LCD or display device.
    So it is for those like me who doesn't want to do a lots of wiring and still use some of the HU functionality( like FM radio and amplifier ).
    All I need now is to have VW->Panas CDC adapter( $20 ) and I should be ready to go. My HU will drive PC by selecting tracks, seeking, choosing playlists( buttons 1-6 will select playlist, mix- shuffle etc ), turning on/off, XM radio tunes and stuff.

    Any comments or experience on this route ?
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    Does jbors converter work for panisonic decks?
    I have a CQ DFX683/DF583U model number DF583U

    How do I find out if this converter will work for my particular deck?
    Read the entire thread, but am unclear as to which will work with this converter, and found this thread hoping that it will be compatible with a Panasonic desk.

    The changer plug on the back of the deck is a circular plug, with 7 pins running concentric and a middle pin.
    Is this one of the supported formats he is working on?

    Also have a sony CDX MP30 kicking around if it would be compatible with this.


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      They also make these, does anyone know if these work or if they are any good?
      I cant even see the output method from the pics

      also wondering if anyone that has considered this topic, is there a DIY procedure to trick the deck into thinking there is a changer connected, enabaling a person to just connect to the RCA inputs on the back of the deck?


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        Well, I do have boards and code which is kind of working. You can get both and give it a shot. I just don't have time to finish it up
        It should work with the model you mentioned...
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