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Possible WinLIRC + (USB Soundblaster MP3) issue?

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  • Possible WinLIRC + (USB Soundblaster MP3) issue?

    I just noticed that WinLIRC doesnt seem to play nice with the aformentioned usb sound device on my Epia M800. I've already verified that the signal *is* making it to the #1 serial pin with an oscope.

    The remote(WinLirc) works just fine until you start playing an MP3 then it just totally stops responding until you pause or stop playback (audio correlation perhaps?) I tried in WMP and Media Player Classic to make sure it wasnt my homemade delphi media player and got the same results, this problem just seems to have come out of the blue.

    I DID however update the USB Soundblaster drivers recently from the 2001 windows versions to the 2003 versions from the creative site hoping to fix a random audio drop out problem. It wasnt long after that when I first noticed that problem, Coincidence?

    I went back to the old 2001 drivers and it did solve the winlirc problem, but every now and then, espescially when using speech recognition i'll get that audio dropout that requires unplugging and plugging back the usb soundblasters usb cable.

    This was just a heads up post and an inquiry as to whether anyone else has run into this problem, hopefully it helps someone.

    edit : and I also checked to make sure it wasnt a signal strength or an intolerance for anything less than the rigid rs-232 specs by hooking a max232 line driver between the IR detector and serial port...and checked again with the Oscope - made no difference.