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M-Bus CD changer adapter for car pc integration

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  • M-Bus CD changer adapter for car pc integration

    What is it ?
    MBus USB adapter allows PC to "understand" commands sent by device which supports MBus protocol such as Alpine headunit, PIE adapters, iCruze Linx and many others.
    Why ?
    In many cases PC can replace CD Changer with many more functions. Like playing MP3, OGG, video or even voice guided GPS on a long road. Why bother with very limited CD Changer if you can afford PC for almost the same price ? Get more for less !
    It will not require changing your car's dashboard, expensive molding or even touchscreen. You can place PC anywhere you want and "talk" to it from the very ergonomic headunit keybord.
    Can I see the demo ?
    Here is the short movie clip with MBus adapter in action: MBus in action ( 3Mb / 85 secs )
    Can WinAmp or any other frontend use it ?
    Here is the source for the WinAmp plugin used in the demo movie above.
    Make sure you have placed text file with all your playlists into "c:\program files\winamp\plugins\hump3.cfg". The example config file is here.
    Each playlist in the list become a virtual disk when you change disks on HU.
    Which car makes it supports ?
    So far preliminary we know it supports:
    - Mercedes Benz 1994...98
    - Jaguar ( ?? years )
    - Chryslers/Jeeps 96-02
    - Volvo HU models SCxxxx
    - all others via PIE or iCruze Linx adapters...
    Which HU it supports ?
    All MBus Alpine headunits such as: TDM-xxx, CDM-xxx
    How ?
    3 steps only:
    1. Place laptop PC or car PC enywhere in a car. Secure and power it.
    2. Attach the MBus adapter to your headunit directly or via adapters (PIE, iCruze Link ) and PC.
    3. Run the PC and get the sound from it on your speakers instantly !
    What else ?
    There are unlimited capabilities with your pc and MBus USB adapter. Just name a few:
    1. Set your disk buttons on HU to represent playlists. Get unlimited number of playlists and songs !
    2. Set button for disk 6 to switch to a video mode. Get your car video !
    3. Set button for disk 5 to switch over to a voice guidance if your PC has a microphone and appropriate navigation software. Get guided right now !
    4. Set button for disk 4 to switch to XM radio and navigate through it by selecting tracks. Get radio digitalized !
    How it is look like ?
    Here is the pic of adapter:

    Here is the pic of adapter in action:

    How to get it ?
    MBus adapter is available to anyone as sample with all schematics and source code.
    Also I have mostly working PBus adapter which has the same size and I have all source code available for it.
    Send me PM if you need it.
    The new version of it is available for sale at

    My best regards.
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    Its a nice project, a long time ago y tried to do the same but whit a Pioneer Head unit but I didnīt find info about the pioneer Bus. So please tell me where did you find the protocols and all that. thanks
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      I have a aux adapter on my pioneer HU which allows you to plug in RCA and use AUX input, I'm assuming your talking about making an adapter that would connect the pioneer/alpine bus to usb on a computer for control etc.

      Would you be able to send these commands back and forth at the same time as audio??

      If so, I'd be interested for sure! sounds great to me. You could set it up just like an mp3 headunit with the UP DOWN buttons for next album etc. sounds sweet!


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        Yep something like this. You press buttons on a headunit and it selects songs, movies, whatever. And of course display some info on a headunit's display.
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          An Ai-Net / RS-232 Transciever would be incredibly dope.


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            Did you build a hw and/or sw interface? Could you please give me details? ie schematics, drawings..


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              I want one. Do you intend on selling these as a commerica product? If so whats the esitmated price?


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                bad spelling I know but I can't be arsed to put it right.


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                  Originally posted by bertybassett
                  bad spelling I know but I can't be arsed to put it right.
                  Yet you can be arsed to add another reply tellihng us that you can't be arsed to correct your mistakes?
                  I don't get it...

                  Not meaning to hijack the thread...

                  jbors: This sounds completely cool. I can't say I'm a huge fan of Alpine's stuff, but if you can use the controls from an Alpine headunit to navigate the PC, hen you'd be the proverbial shiznit. Might make me rethink my plan to go headunit-less.
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

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                    Sweet! What tasks need to be done to make this a reality? I'm sure many (myself included) would be more than happy to contribute.

                    Ai-Net is my preference, btw.

                    Keep us posted


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                      I want some how to use the CD changer (M-BUS) port for the aux input on my Alpine HU. There is no way (i know of ) doing it without a CD changer. Most newer M-bus HU has a mute line. Ground the mute line -> enable aux input thru changer port. This HU doesn't do that. It's an old M-bus HU (pre 95 model).
                      jbor do you have any idea?
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                          My schematics not finished yet. I will release it all on mid Jan. It will be M-Bus, AI-NET USB adapter. Sorry don't want to mess up with serial. It will be available either as PCB+parts so you can solder it or as a finished product. Of course all the schematics will be available for public. I estimate the fully functional assembled device for ~39 by end of Jan. May be little cheaper...
                          The link above is the good place to start but my schematics is different.
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                            Originally posted by MatrixPC
                            This HU doesn't do that. It's an old M-bus HU (pre 95 model).
                            jbor do you have any idea?
                            I would recommend google:
                            If you don't want control over the PC from your HU it will fit you just right.
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