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Low Profile PCI Video Card

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  • Low Profile PCI Video Card

    Hey guys i got a mini-itx motherboard and a case for it, the problem is i want to turn this into a htpc now instead of carputer. It doesn't have a tv in/out or svideo out port and its running on usb 1.1 so i can't just buy an usb adapter since 90% are running with usb 2.0...does anybody know where i can get a CHEAP pci (no agp) videocard with svideo or somthing out? im trying not to spend over $100 (shipping included). I searched google but don't really know what to look for other then Low Profile Pci Video Card but can't find anything. Can you guys help me?

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    low profile pci cards are called half height pci cards :-)

    over $100 ->
    a whole slew of them->

    we use the Jatson at work since they fit nicely in the full pci slot, but need half height on the card board itself in some of those tight Dell Optiplex cases.
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      it might not have to be low profile, if you use a pci riser card,
      like these: