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    This keyboard honestly looks to be the best fit for my carputer. however i've never got to look at one in real life and every application i see them for (serfing the web and all) points them to PDA applications (ofcoarse thats what they are designed for) however i'm kind of stupid when it comes to bluetooth aspect of everything.. its just not that widly used.. however my questions are.
    1. Since this is a blue tooth keyboard for a carputer. what devices/recievers are required for this device to work with it
    2. on their site they show the docking bay for the pda to be detachable from the keyboard. basicly all i want is the keyboard and the wireless function (also the foldable aspect is a very nice PLUS). but if its not removeable, or it wont work with anything else other than a pda.. is there anything close to this that would work just as well. thats
    1. wireless
    2. about as small
    3. that folds in half (making it very small when not in use)

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    I have this keyboard. I'm using it for both my Carputer and Dell Axim PDA. You'll have to get a bluetooth dongle to work with your Carputer. I got this one from It's a class 1 bluetooth receiver. Which means the range is about 100 meters (Class 2 = 10 meters). I have WinXP with SP2; plug the bluetooth dongle and Windows loads the generic drivers (no other software needed). Once the BT keyboard is "paired" with the computer, all you have to do is unfolder and it's ready to use. The keyboard also locks in place once open, so it's easy to type on your lap or any uneven surface. Also, the "dock" for the PDA can be removed.
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      Thanks for the info!

      Looks great and at amazon they have a special where you can save 50 on the keyboard and get the mouse too for a total of 147.

      I might just get a cheap bt mouse instead...but that's not a bad price.

      the keyboard is perfect for me! THe only space I have left is in the center console.
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        I wonder if this BT KB can be used before windows boots up because what happens if you need to use a keyboard on bootup... perhaps get into the BIOS?
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          Originally posted by Chita79
          I wonder if this BT KB can be used before windows boots up because what happens if you need to use a keyboard on bootup... perhaps get into the BIOS?
          You're SOL in that situation. Doesn't work until winderz loads the drivers. I keep a ps2 keyboard in the garage for just in case.

          Per the original poster, the users manual will guide you thru pairing the keyboard with the computer. It's really simple. Here's a little heads up for you... if you are trying to plug a USB bluetooth dongle into a hub, you might get unexpected results. I was able to pair, but it didn't work. To avoid frustration, plug directly into the motherboard until you get it working, then try a hub, if you're setup as such.

          BTW, its a great keyboard. My favorite part of my system.