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PS2 port powering

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  • PS2 port powering

    We are setting up a car for show and we have a debate here:

    I say that we can add power to the following items from a PS2 mouse port:
    1. Dvd Player(USB and external power from PS2)
    2.USB hub(external power off PS2) with:
    - Liliput TS
    - Slim usb Keyboard
    - and that same DVD player's usb connected to the hub too.
    - one open port for a possible game pad or mouse

    Its not a tremendous amount of power, but good ~28watts.
    Pretty much, I think, and was told that PS2 is strait on the psu line, so if the PSU can handle it, we are ok.

    Is this correct, this is a good thing for anyone who wants a usb hub and doesnt want to deal with the power issue
    thank you
    DICE Los Angeles

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    it is max 5v+ or 500mil amps

    too much you blow the port then the board...
    hard to fix unless you have mad wiring skills
    Justice may be blind, but it can see in the dark


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      Really appreciate it
      Thanks for the info.
      DICE Los Angeles


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        I would not even consider doing that. 28watts at 5v = 5.6amps which isnt even close to the 500mw the ps2 port(s?) will supply.


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          um actually it works like a charm!
          1. Touchscreen
          2. DVD drive
          3. Keyboard
          4. Jumpdrive
          All working together! fantastic
          DICE Los Angeles