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    Recently I dug a touchpad out from a laptop ( HP). The touchpad has only wire coming off it, which is a wire which used to plug into the motherboard. This wire mentioned previously has 8 wires which eventually connect to a very small socket. There is a picture below, but my camera is bust so it was taken with a webcam.

    Anyway I was hoping that I would be able to connect this to the ps2 port on my laptop but currently I don?t know how I would go about doing this. I'm guessing it might involve some soldering.


    pic >

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    A PS/2 port only has 6 conductors. You would at the very least need a wiring diagram for that touchpad, otherwise you'd drive yourself insane testing the literally hundreds of possible wiring configurations.

    Or, for about $35, you can get a Cirque EasyCat USB touchpad.
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      Like JW said, you best bet is find the pinouts, then it's a simple matter of wiring them up to a PS2 connector. Lacking a pinout diagram... you can still figure it out, but it's considerably more iffy. You can try trial and error, which is what I did with another touchpad (you can check it out in the thread "Cheap Touchpads"), but the one I was working with had only 6 pins, and I deduced the power and ground pins from the PCB, so I was trying to guess two pins out of the remaining four, a much easier task. I wouldn't go this route unless you can similarly figure out vcc/ground, since the combinatorics get rather out of hand.

      You could also use a o-scope to make the task easier, but I'm guessing you probably don't have access to one so I won't go into details.


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        So, any word on how it worked? Has ANYONE used this yet?


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          i tried to do this with my compaq presario laptop touchpad but i got lazy and didnt even try get the pin outs for the ps2 mouse plug and for ur touchpad most likely it will have the same connections just an exstra wire or 2 mine had extra ones also...