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USB IR Reciever Hybernation problem.

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  • USB IR Reciever Hybernation problem.

    Is there any way that i can get my USB IR reciever to reinitialize after a hybernation. It stops working after recovering from hybernation. I must unplug and replug it in for it to start working again.

    There must be some software utility that will do this for you

    Any help here guys?
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    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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      I have same problem with $90 Leadtek Smart Antenna GPS 9532


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        If you want USB device to work after come back from hibernation, do not share the USB device in the same hub as USB WiFi. That is how I figure out.
        I have TS, Mouse, GPS in the same 4 ports hub and all come back fine from hibernate. If I move any of them (GPS) to the hub I have the WiFi, it doesn't work after hibernate. I have to unplug then replug for it to work.
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          Technically it is not in a hub, it is plugged in to the extra USB/Firewire Ports from the pinnouts on my Via, Let me try to change it to the USB ports directly on the motherboard.
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            Any one figure this out? I have to unplug / plug back in my usb wifi if I want to use it after hibernating..
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              Same here


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                do a search for Devcon
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