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Best VGA to RCA cable or inverter?

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  • Best VGA to RCA cable or inverter?

    I have a kenwood kvt-911 dvd unit in my car and would like to connect my soon to be built carputer and it has rca inputs. I wanted to know what's the best vga to rca cable or inverter? Also please include your experience w/ the cable or inverter. Thanks in advance.

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    20 reviews and no answer? I know you guys have to have this set up. If not please advise of any other methods.


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      Personally I'd ditch the Kenwood DVD unit and get a VGA Screen and fabricate it in-dash, RCA input screens are always poor quality and rarely worth using unless it is only video you are planning on showing on them


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        Yeah I know a vga would be good but I already have this kenwood unit that I paid $2500 for several years ago and don't wanna ditch it just yet.


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          The results would still suck but your options are:

          1) Get a video card with a composite or S-Video out (you can get s-video to composite converters).

          2) Get a VGA to Composite/Svideo converter like this:

          You'd get fuzzy basic VGA at best. Not recommended.

          If I were you I'd sell the expensive kenwood thing and replace it with the new motorized in dash VGA touchscreen from digitalww for $500.
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            I started out with a vga scan convertor into a nice looking rca input TFT. It just isnt worth it, the screen had good video and refresh rate, the scan convertor was of good quality, but the picture just wasnt worth it. I ponied up 400 bux for a Xenarc flip down, and I havent regretted it once. Text is always readable, and with a rca input, even on 640x480, it just wasnt readable. Cheap just doesnt work in car pc setups. You can skimp on other areas, the screen is the most important.
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              I agree, ever try to TV out from your computer... unusable unless the text is GIANT... if you just want something like WMP visualizations or blurry video then it could happen...

              I can't get over the difference, it is more detailed than any laptop I have ever seen.. we're talking 130dpi... most laptops are around 80 to 90dpi... don't underestimate the difference between the Xenarc/Lillis and standard screens... I'd bet that Kenwood/Alpine/etc are using the standard 234x480 screens that are all over ebay and the web... those screens are in the 65dpi range = which translates to NO LEGIBLE TEXT
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