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Problems with Touchkit Serial Version (and solution)

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  • Problems with Touchkit Serial Version (and solution)

    The other day I booted my system and my touch screne wouldnt respond.
    just out of the blue.... More on that later.

    I decided to do a reinstall of the drivers (and an update)
    Touchkit is pretty old. I gues not many advances come along in touch screnes.

    So I searched and searched, but everyone had the same versions of touchkit. I tried to load it on my Win XP pc, and it failed. It gets right to the end of install, and then starts detecting the controler, and crashes. I tried another PC, same thing.

    Finally I found Inotouch. Its still the same shell (all the buttons and windows are the same size and in the same place - It was a newer version number, and it loaded without problems. I think maybe the people that make the chips wrote the original, and distro that out to the OEM's... For those that need it - Visit

    As for my touchpanel - turns out the root couase was a bad / cold solder joint - I have a DSCustoms / Xenarc 7 inch - The touch control has a 4 wire jumper from the LCD board - one of the pins had almost no solder around it. I touched it up, and now life is good.
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    Hey Gizmo,

    Thanks for that link. I need to re-install the drivers for my USB touchscreen and it looks like these will work for that also. When my usb hub died and I replaced it, I plugged in the ts and it's not recognized anymore. So I was going to re-install everything anyway - might as well use the most current.