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EVO8 Stock radio as input

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  • EVO8 Stock radio as input

    I'm putting an 8.4" TS LCD in my EVO8. You can see how that's going at
    Part of my plan is to build a cover for it that will look like there is nothing special. I tore apart the stock stereo and it looks like it will be a pretty good input device. I found the datasheet on the control chip. It controls the character LCD and also handles up to 30 inputs (the faceplate actually only has 13 buttons and two knobs that are both push buttons as well as continuous turn controls (haven't bothered figuring out the technical term for that yet) The chip sends and recieves via serial data, so I shouldn't have much difficulty hooking it up to the PC. It will only be usable when the cover is in place so I'll have limited functionality, but I will be able to basically control all the CD, AM/FM, MP3s, and Satellite through the "stock" stereo. And since I have to replace me HVAC to get the display in there, I might add that functionality to this too. Should be pretty sweet once I figure out how to make a securely fastened, removable cover panel with 16 connections.
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