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ok I need a usb radio tuner ... v2.0 - the FM Mouse is crap.

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  • ok I need a usb radio tuner ... v2.0 - the FM Mouse is crap.

    i'm using a prototype laptop board with limited functionality.

    I tried looking for a nicely priced FM Tuner to add radio to carpc. I came across the FM Mouse and bought it.

    unforunatly, my FM Mouse seems to be limited to USB 1.1. my board has 2.0, and has no "Legacy Support" or whatever.

    I need a different FM Tuner. Maybe someone wants to trade FM Mouse with me if yours works on USB 2.0...

    Or suggest a different radio tuner. I plan on connecting it straight to my car's antenna.

    thanks for any suggestions

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    I don't know of any pc that has a usb port and doesn't support usb 1.1, I thought al usb ports were backward compatible.
    Have you looked at the D-link USB Radio. I don't know if it is usb 2.0 but I doubt it needs to be, since it uses the usb port for control and the audio goes straight into the line-in of your sound card.
    Also the DAB wavefinder maybe an option, but not too feasile since it requires a spare main plug.


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      Long story short on FM for Car PC

      There isn't any solution that works very well, read around in the hardware forums and you will see all of the devices available have been tested and most have severe reception/usability limitations.

      There is a hardware project underway here to try and develop a custom solution, see the following project FAQ in the Hardware Development forum: