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    I'm sorry for bring something up about Drivesoft but on that Intel video he changes the names of the songs and all with that PDA. Well I had an iPAQ that has wifi and was wonderin if any of you guys would know how do u do something like that. Could Girder do something like that or would you have to develope software for it. I know you have to develope a program for Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 and i believe microsoft has developer tool for that but could it be done and maybe be integrated into some frontends on here? Thank you

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    I dont' know the details.. but wifi seems the long way 'round..
    I'd have guessed DS would have used BT or IR. --just my 2c.


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      well i was gonna try and integrate it into my cheap remote start and since wifi has a range of like 500 to 1000 feet that would be a pretty cool remote for a car. In the video he was right next to the car so it was either wifi or bluetooth


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        I use Zerama and TightVNC to control the PC with my iPaq.
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          We used Wifi

          We used Wifi. It was a project for an RV manufacture. When the a RV owner is at the camp grounds he can control all his media and other functions like: Window shades up/dn, motorized awnings, emails and it will even let him know about battery, gas and propane levels real time. It gets very good distance

          Hope that helps


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            could you purchase the drivers or software to use a PDA to connect to the computer or do u have to purchase the whole software bundle or maybe girder could be used but i donnu how if would handle it through wifi


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              I use a Tungsten T3 to control certain aspects of my carpc using bluetooth. Been doing this for a while now since I first got a T2 a year or two ago. Since I don't have a touchscreen yet, I'm especially using the Graffiti writing to type into the CarPC.
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                i just ordered NetRemote PRO to see if it could work with the things i'm trying to do. It can control WMP and all but wonder if it could control centrafuse or frodoplayer. Couldn't you make a driver or something that can control those players?