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  • Thread on Touchscreen Power rewire

    I cant find the thread on here that shows how to rewire the USB touchscreen on a Xenarc so that the power comes from the USB rather than the Xenarc. I can probably figure it out but I'd like to verify with the thread before I start. Someone got a link ? Thanks.

    Just to be clear, the Xenarc goes on/off with the ignition and so the computer sees the USB touchscreen go away before the MB goes into stand-by so I get that Bleep-bleep whenever I turn the car on/off.

    I need to know which wires go to which pins on the connector (pinouts).

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    Anyone ?


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      Why dont you power the Xenarc off the 12v line on the molex connector on the power supply. This way the xenarc is off when the computer is off and on when the computer is on.
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        Im running too much on the opus now. I know there is a detailed thread on here with exact instructions that I need. Uggh!


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          Here you go:



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            Thanks I knew I saw it somewhere (didnt think it was in THAT thread tho)!
            Really thanks.


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              So does anyone have the pinouts ? That thread would be useful if the pinouts were there.

              I have a Xenarc/Gain and need to know which pins on the USB connector go to which on the board connector so that I can make a USB touchscreen cable (instad of going through the Xenarc cable. Its difficult to buzz them out with an ohm meter.