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Xenarc 700TSV questions

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  • Xenarc 700TSV questions

    Hi all, does any one have the exact measurements of the Xenarc 700TSV.i need the screen only area measurement and the overall the screen centered from the casing? or is it off set top,bottom,left,right etc...?
    i am trying to decide if i want just the screen showing and have the buttons just showing the dash or try to fit the whole screen with the whole case showing.what looks beter?it is going to be a tight fit both ways.does any one know if it is easy enough with out breaking or loosing functionality or reliability to remove it from the case? how much room could i save by doing this? thanks for your help.
    Win 7 Pro 64bit, 4gb DDR2 Ram, q6600 Processor, Solid state drive & 7200 drive, Andrea mic, Sirius, DE HD Radio, Opus power supply, 10.4" touchscreen.
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    Bump. I need this info too.


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      Originally posted by overlander View Post
      Bump. I need this info too.
      You bump a thread that is three years old... You found this thread to be able to bump it, but you didn't find this one:

      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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