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Opinions on this "mini" wireless keyboard/mouse combo?

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  • Opinions on this "mini" wireless keyboard/mouse combo?

    Its not super tiny but it looks like it should fit in a glovebox or under a seat when not in use 13x6.5" footprint. I am guessing the mouse is a sort of touchpad button similair to a thinkpad. I desparatly need a keyboard and those xbox ones do look good but I really want wireless, ctrl alt del, plus arrow keys and it MUST have easy to use numbers.
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    Looks alright. It's IR though, RF would give you alot more flexibility with how you install/use it.


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      Mouse? That button mouse requires two hands to operate it, so no go
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        Honestly, if you're going to spend the 40+ bucks now on that just spend an extra 50 or so and get the gyration combo, and be extremely happy long term. Trust me, it's an amazing set, well worth the money.


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          That looks very similar with the Acer Airkey I have. Of course RF would be nicer, but unfortunatlly, the only RF mini kb I know is the Gyration one, wich is pretty expensive from what I've seen.
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            I have the Gyration mouse/keyboard combo, and while they are really nice, there is no on/off button, so if something accidently falls on the keyboard, it will waste the batteries pretty fast. I am actually looking for something to replace this setup, am thinking about one of those flexible/rollable keyboards such as these:


            They should be easy to hide.