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  • PS2 Keyboard

    I bought one out of curiousity, worse case scenario, I could use it FOR my PS2.
    Works like a champ! Even the Windows key is there, incognito as a Logitech Key. LOL
    That is as small as they get, wish I could find a USB to RF modulator
    SO , as we say in teh south ..."There ya go!"
    Oh I did use it to type this message as I am in my Rig.

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    Originally posted by Outsider
    That is as small as they get
    Smaller than this?


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      If its the one I think he is talking about, its not smaller then that, nothing is smaller then that. But its small, real small, and gives you all the buttons like control, alt, and delete. I thought about running a USB plug up front for this keyboard. I saw a fold up keyboard for the PSP in a catalog, but havent' seen it in the store yet, and it is suppose to be USB.
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        Could you post the dimentions of the keyboard? you are talking about this one right? ->


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          I tried to find em online -- no luck, hence is why you asked me LOL
          width= 10.1/4 inches
          Height= about 5 1/2 inches
          and about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick
          Good enough?


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            A picture is worth 1000 words...
            Renault Megane...the OEM look

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              Saw this keyboard a few months ago on clearance for $3 at Toys R' Us here in Atlanta, but since I had the mini-key linked a few posts above, I passed on it.