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Lilliput Remote as input device... half working!

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  • Lilliput Remote as input device... half working!

    It's my first post!
    I'm going to introduce myself. I'm Italian (sorry for my *perfect*english ) and I've installed a carpc in my car: a Ford Focus TDCI
    My configuration is: MII12000 Epia + 2,5" 40GB HD + BU303 GPS and a lilliput 8".
    After 3-4 months of a not definitive instllation, now I'm working on the car to hide the cables and integrate the devices with the car.
    So at the moment my carputer is on the desk
    Now my question is:
    I've set up a Animax IRDA receiver ( With the remote of my TV it seems working, but with the lilliput remote I have some troubles:
    In learning process, if it recognize some keys, the it doesn't recognize others... If I start to press the others, it doesn't recognize the first ones...
    Anyone has some clue to give me?
    FoFo CarPuter Site