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  • lilliput touchscreen driver

    So I've got a 8" Lilliput touchscreen, used to use it with a laptop as a temporary carPC, but now I finally shelled out for an EPIA SP13000.

    Problem is, whenever I try to put the system in standby, winxp tells me:
    The device driver for the Touchkit USB Controller for Touchscreen device is prevent the machine from entering standby. Please close all applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update this driver.
    I can get into hibernate without problems, but resuming from hibernate freezes at the end, and I suspect that it's related to the touchscreen as well.

    Tried the stock drivers that came with the panel, the's, and the beta's from eGalax, same problems... I've been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and restarting so much that my head's spinning...

    any insights?

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    I think the original drivers mst have *****ed something up somewhere, I have used both the drivers from eGalax with no problems. I would recommmend trying on a fresh install if it's easy enough or uninstalling the touchscreen drivers, removing all .sys drivers for the touchscreen manually from XP and re-installing the because they work at least 4 times a day for me.
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      I also run the Egalax drivers - no problems at all hibernating.


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        tried cleaning the drivers out, but in the end reinstalling winxp did the trick

        thanks a bunch