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Powered lilliput makes speaker scratches...

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  • Powered lilliput makes speaker scratches...


    When I power on my lilliput I get some weird noise in my speakers. They scratch's. When I power the lilliput off again it goes away..

    Is my lilliput to close to my head unit ?

    Any suggestions ?


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    I think its a noise issue, you need to seperate any power lines away from your audio/video cables, and you might need your power lines.

    I'm not much on the know in this area just stuff i've read, so your probably going to get much more info from searching about noise and best wiring practices.


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      Definatly a noise issue. What wires are you using to power the Lilli? If they're not properly shielded and you're running them near some unproperly shielded signal cables like audio or VGA, you get noise.
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        I use the power from the cigar, with the "egg"...

        The vga/usb+audio lays in one side of the car, and the remote og +12 in the other side.

        And yes, it is a noise issue, I also have it when playing when the computer aint connected. But not that much..

        Guess I have to fix my ground in some way, if possible and see what happens...


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          Oh well..

          If I take the HU out and connects it when is not mounted in the dash, there is no problems. (The egg is giving me a little buzz though but NOT in the speakers)..

          So I guess is some wiring from the car manufacture that gives me the noise..