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USB camera for front view

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  • USB camera for front view

    ive got my pc up and running in the truck... very fun stuff. i have a project.. im not sure how best to achieve it.

    i want to put a camera facing forward on my truck. i want it to be usb... so i have the option to record what i see. i do a lot of back country driving.. id like to take video/still of my trip.

    what i want:
    waterproof housing.
    no more that 100 bucks.
    usb interface.
    software that will allow me to click(touch a buttonon screen) to take a picture.
    software that will allow me to start recording.
    this will mount on the roof rack of my truck.

    anyone come across something that might work like this?? searching here and online often results in the backup cams and spy came (composite).

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    get a usb camera around $30
    most cameras have softwre like this on the CD.

    if not:
    go to and ask someone to make it for you for like $30
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