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Gyration mouse drift

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  • Gyration mouse drift

    Hey i just got a Gyration mouse and i was wondering if any of you have had a problem with the mouse drifting. no matter what i do i can not get the mouse to stop drifting to the left. even if i set it on a level table.
    any ideas?

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    I've got one, but the mouse doesn't drift at all. Sounds like it's defective.
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      never had a problem with mine.... sorry
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        Same here... No problems.
        Rap it on a hard table a couple of times. That ought to either fix 'er, or ensure that it's broken - so you can feel confident in exchanging it.
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          i also have a gyration mouse but it doesnt drift. However my logitech mx700 wireless mouse does drift a bit after a years use, but i can bet its because ive dropped it on the ground like 500 times
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            I have the drift here. Have you tried removing the battery and re-learning the mouse? Also, do you have a touchscreen? Sometimes the USB drivers can be a bit quirky at times, especially since two different devices are fighting for control of your pointer...
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