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Kenwood LZ 800 W

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  • Kenwood LZ 800 W

    Hi guys just bought one of these for 100$. While it will work great just as a monitor it has a touch screen too. However how do I get it to work with my computer. Do I have to buy a interface card or something with it. Or will the touch screen not work for anything but the kenwood nav device?

    Thanks for all the great info.


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    touch screen won'T work and you should only have composite inputs, which isn't really good for anything that is not video. (You won'T be able to read text really clearly)

    You could always buy a touch screen kit from though and install it yourself. Then it would plug in the usb port of your computer.
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      good job. you picked up a nice HU, but a sucky screen for a carputer.
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        Thanks for the replies guys. For a 100 bucks I didn't think I could go wrong. At the same time I got two 5.6 lcd screens for 100 bucks for the headrests. Mostly want them for the kids to watch videos and maybe play xbox on. Once I get it installed I will post some pics for you guys to check out.