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How Do I power My Rear View Camera

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  • How Do I power My Rear View Camera

    I have a rear view camera and I know exactly where I want to put it but I am unsure as to how to give it the power that it requires. Can anyone put me in the right direction for information?

    EDIT: It looks just like the one in this photo. It has a video RCA connector and a power connector. I though I saw awiring kit that could be purchased that would adapt it to a car power supply.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Umm... what kind of camera is it?

    If it is just USB powered, then just run a long USB cable.

    Otherwise we would need to know more specific information.


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      Power it from your computers power supply
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        surely it's better to run it directly off the battery so you save your precioius watts (and won't need a big PSU)


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          You can tap into your reverse lights like this guy did.

          I wanted to be able to switch to the camera during driving also so I'll probably be tapping into the cigarette lighter for the rear seats. I also have an rx8 and not sure if I want to grind down the camera to make it fit... where are you placing the camera? I also bought the same camera he listed that was on sale on ebay. Good luck!!!


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            Should work with any 12V source
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              it depends on the voltage of the camera, post some specs of the camera in question
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                i believe its 12v/110ma
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                  In short, I powered mine of the 12v constant line, but I have an intrucate maze of relays and switches which power it on or off.

                  My backup lights have two leads, obviously. They're both ground when the car is turned off and 12v high with the acc bus. When I back up, one of those leads drops back to ground. So the difference between the two relay the 12volt constant back to one input of a three way switch in my center console. The three way switch has this auto-mode, no connection, & 12volt constant as inputs. The output goes to the back of the car where it relays 12volt constant to the camera. There's probably an extra relay or two in this system, but I wired it this way so that my wire runnning from the tail-lights to the center console carries almost no current. (it only drives the relays on either end)

                  I also have a Cheesebox set up so that anytime the camera is powered, the composite video signal overrides the VGA computer signal.

                  In the end, I've got a three way swith with on, off, and auto, and the power ultimately comes from my rear cigarette lighter line.
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                    Powered mine through my taillights,
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