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BMW drivers i need input help!!

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  • BMW drivers i need input help!!

    hey installing a carputer next week..and i need an aux i got the crutchfield one (usa spec interface) turn my headunit off..get the ibus and audio cord from my cd changer wires....plug them into the adaptor..put my ipod then laptop then nomad into it..turn my car on and it shows the input on my headunit..but no sound??? i return it to crutchfield and they send me a new i get it today..and the exact same thing. Im thinkin about just returning this piece and getting the blitzsafe adaptor..but maybe theres somethin wrong with my wires? cause i gotta install my carputer next week...please i need help

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    You need to provide details about your headunit, too. Is it the cassette model, etc, etc.


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      Which adaptor did you get? Double check the install instructions.