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have you guys seen these?

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  • have you guys seen these?

    They look so cool and would really be nice to have... but looking at the prices.!! They're massively expensive.

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    already posted a long time ago... i think people got to the conclusion that a custom lcd/button setup would be more ergonomic/functional/cheaper/nicer looking/better integrated.... but its pretty cool for audio/video/image editing

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      Originally posted by Chewster

      They look so cool and would really be nice to have... but looking at the prices.!! They're massively expensive.
      Another joy-knob-thingie like the $250 SpaceTraveler that's not as capable, but only $40, is the Sony RM-X6S IR remote. It has 6 degrees of motion (rock forward/back, rock left/right, twist left/right) but just one click in each of those directions. The twist function is a bit like a jog wheel. You can also press it without rocking to click, like a mouse click, plus it has 3 buttons around the perimeter, for a total of 10 IR codes it can emit. But you can't click-twist, etc.

      If you can program your IR receiver to handle held buttons differently than short click-type presses, then you can have up to 20 commands. Not bad for a little remote that's a little larger than a golf ball.


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        Hey that's a very good alternative, I've been searching in and out looking for joy-knob-like remotes. Guess all I need is a IR receiver. Thanks a lot for the good find.


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          You can use the receiver that comes with the Keyspan Express Remote (about $50) or iTunes Remote (about $30). The software allows you to define codes from other remotes so you could use it with the Sony remote.


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            MINI, so it's proven to work with a Keyspan and/or a iTunes. I know you had another thread that you were just talking about it... but didn't seem conclusive. If it definitely works, I'm gonna go order one... as opposed to fabricating my own device.

            Well thanks for the direction either way.


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              I"ve used the Spaceball for years. These things rule for doing any type of 3d design work. They take about a week to get used to but after that, you pretty much become addicted to it. Doing any 3d cad work without one of these is like trying to surf the net without a mouse.

              That being said, I don't see how you would use one of these for a carpc. They are made to be used with your right hand while you still use your mouse with your left. I'm quite proficient at eating a messy burger in the car while steering with my knee, but finishing up a SolidWorks project on the way to work seems to be a bit much.

              BTW, for anyone interested in trying one of these. You can find the old ones with a serial interface for around $100 on ebay. They work just as well as the usb ones.