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Tip for safer touch-screen usage

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  • Tip for safer touch-screen usage


    I know that many are concerned about using a touch screen while driving
    becase they have too look at the screen while operating it due to its
    smooth surface.
    It exists some quite thick tape-like strips which is from about 1 mm wide to about 1 cm wide with smooth edges. If you are mainly using a single software while driving, it is possible to
    use this kind of "tape" to make a grid patern on the screen surrounding the on-screen buttons.

    I dont know how well it works, I havent tried it first hand, but I have seen it in use, and the owner said he was happy with how it felt, and that after a while, it was easy to distinguish the different on-screen buttons with this method.

    Just a tip..

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    In da club....


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      Here is another tip don't pick your nose while driving at night

      Serious i was driving past and cause the guys LCD screen was on his face was light up and he was picking his nose lol

      normally you can't see the persons face when driving by but with the screen on you do just a small tip hehe
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        Placing the most-frequently-used buttons at the corners of the screen would make it possible to find them by feel.


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          wear a rubber, dude.
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            Advice for the nose picker, don't touch the screen afterwards or else you won't even see the buttons.
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              I don't know about you guys but I know my carputer very well. I can navigate without even looking at the screen
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