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  • USB HUB Question

    Hey guys. I am in need of on more USB Port. But i Dont want to get a powered usb hub. Basically I am going to unplug my Xenarc USB and plug in the hub and attach the Xenarc USB and my SB Audigy 2 nx.

    Is it ok to use this hub WITHOUT Power:

    also can i just use this, it is USB 1.1 tho:

    if you guys have something better let me know...
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    Well basicly when you use an unpowered hub the 500ma that one usb port on your motherboard can supply gets split in 4. So you end up with 125ma for each usb port.

    I would check your devices and see how much they each draw.


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      So how much power does a usb mouse,keyboard, and touchscreen use?


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        Alright these are guesses so go easy on me. I would say a mouse takes about 20-50ma. Keyboard is probably 10-50ma. Touch screen would be hard to say but I would guess 30-100ma.

        An easy thing to do is find a usb hub that takes 5v to power it. Cut the cord between the end that gose in the usb hub and the wall wart. Put a molex on the cut end of the peice that plugs into the usb hub and power it with your psu.

        This is how I power my gps and vfd.


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          For best resutls stay away from bus powered hubs. Get a external powered hub and a p.o.l. from opus to power it.
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            Which kind of molex connector would I need to run this to my Opus? 2pin/4pin?
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              yeah, I had major problems with USB hubs, power and the like with the computer I was using at the time. I now have a sumicom s620 a belkin hub powered by an opus POL which is also powering a tv tuner device (PVR600), a USB extender powered by an opus POL a firewire hub powered by my P1900 at 12V and the 3 output on the P1900 powering my audigy 2 nx. If its got a power plug then power it.

              You dont need a molex plug, review the 3rd output 5v regulator manual on carnetx's website, hook up you hubs and stuff like that. you can get those parts in radioshack.