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  • Microsoft Sidewinder Game Controller

    i'm sure people have done this, but i did a quick search and found nobody with this game i'll post updates as i go through this little project.

    basically, this controller has 8-16 buttons. there are actually 9 buttons (plus 4 directional buttons) but one of those 9 buttons is a shift key, thus turning the other 8 into 16.

    i decided not to even go near the directional buttons because they seem like a bit of a i think 8-16 inputs are enough, since i also have a touchscreen.

    here is the pin layout. the numbers indicate the wire number (only need to solder 15 wires to the board) and the letters indicate the switches. as you can see, i already messed up and "whited" out a wire number because i traced one of the switches to the wrong pin.

    so far, i've decided that i will use the switches for....

    A) Lower music volume and turns mike on for VR software.
    C) Raise Volume
    D) Lower Volume
    E) Next Track
    F) Previous track
    G) Pause
    H) Mute or Attenuate
    I) not sure

    the shifted keys will control other programs, like opening net stumber, or *alt-tabbing* between programs. I'll change what they do once i get everything in the car and decide what i need first.

    BA) not sure
    BC) not sure
    BD) not sure
    BE) not sure
    BF) not sure
    BG) not sure
    BH) not sure
    BI) not sure

    i'll post more tomorrow when i start soldering. leave me questions or comments or encouragement.
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    You da man. i have one of these sitting around... thanks for the pinouts. I might have to follow in your footsteps.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      cool idea, are you planning on using girder to emulate the key presses mapped to each button?
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        it came with its own controller software, which basically can send whatever key or macro i want. so whatever program has the focus will receive the button press.

        hmn...i forgot to mention that its a USB interface, and i got it used off ebay for less than $8
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          Do this with a Sidewinder freestylepro, and you'll a a gsensor, or a 2d accélérometer.

          Doing this with a PS2-like pc controller woud give 4 four analogic sensor too.
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            the xbox controller has way more buttons
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              I use this game controller:

              wired into my stalk controls. My directx steeering wheel control program works well with this gamepad.
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                nice to see hacking the directional buttons is possible. how many inputs are you able to get with that? 4 or 8?
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                  so i was flipping out for a while.................
                  i was testing everything out, and the shift was giving me problems, i would short it, and it would turn on with the right hand trigger button. then i would short it again, lightly, and it would only turn on the shift button, but if i pushed harder, the right trigger would turn on again. i was stumped for a while because they're on opposite sides of the board. eventually, i figured out that if i touch the bare wire that i use to short with my finger, it causes the right trigger to turn on. wierd but anyways, i' happy to have figure it out because it was really confusing me. anyways, i soldered the whole board. i might have to get a different connection, probably something thats pre-wired. the pins on the one i't all that great, so i don't think its making the best connection.

                  this is with 4 wires soldered, two of which i already hot glued

                  everything soldered and hot glued.

                  my next step is to make a board to split off the wires.
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                    wow .. that looks familiar

                    I had a problem that I was using a common ground so ended up putting a couple of diodes in there.. confused the hell out of me at the time.

                    I got 5 buttons working including 3 directional controls - that was all I needed
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