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Mouse + Encoder Troubles (detent num. difference)

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  • Mouse + Encoder Troubles (detent num. difference)

    Hi! I've been lurking here and reading about rotary encoders, so I decided to try and build a custom knob with one. It kinda worked, so here I am asking for help!

    I got an old Microsoft PS/2 wheel mouse (with ball) and attached an alps encoder from a broken monitor I had (it had a wheel that could be turned and pushed to configure it).
    After replacing the scroll wheel encoder with the one from the monitor, it was recognized, and I was able to use it like a regular scroll wheel...almost.
    The problem is that the encoder only works properly if I don't move it too fast.
    Moving it at a reasonably quick rate results in a sort of jittering -- like if I was moving the wheel up and down quickly. Sometimes it goes backwards, too

    (edit: I now know that the term is called 'backspin')

    I think this has something to do with the resolution of the new encoder being much greater than the old one (many more detents).

    How do I fix it? Is there any way to only have it read every other click or something like that?

    Help is appreciated

    Clarification: Switching the wires won't work, I tried. The encoder functions perfectly as long as I turn it relatively slowly.

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    Bump for great justice. I really need help with this


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      please read this:


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        Originally posted by Tony G
        That's interesting, but it doesn't address my problem...


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          Hi again,

          Just a couple of quick questions:

          1) What encoder have you got?
          2) Which encoder are you replacing on the mouse - the scroll or X-Y encoders? - I used the scroll.
          3) Have you tried another mouse PCB?