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Xenarc Controls went Opposite

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  • Xenarc Controls went Opposite

    Woke up today after having my carputer on my desk for a week updating stuff - took it outside and installed it back in the car.

    CP turned on, but screen didn't - this was fixed by replacing the fuse in the AC adapter connecting the Xencarc to power.

    but upon booting windows, my X and Y controls are opposite on my screen.

    when i touch and move right - the mouse goes up, down goes left.

    up goes left and down goes right

    reinstalled drivers, checked my connections, 'd and 'd

    anyone have any ideas or similar problems?
    is it hardware or software?

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    w/ the drivers i had in, tried to do a 4-point calibration and got an error message.

    reinstalled drivers, redid calibration - works like a charm

    kinda like raising your hand and doing something right infront of your middleschool teacher, only it works when she's looking over your shoulder... *pwnd*