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Queston on steering wheel controls

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  • Queston on steering wheel controls


    I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the sterering wheel controls

    One side has rocker with center button

    ( tuneup/next track - tunedown/pervoius track - perset tuner button )

    Other just a rocker

    ( vol up - vol down )

    when I install carputer I was looking for a way to interface this....

    Like through the serial port RS-232 9 pin or the 25 pin ??

    How to do this and do I need to program a script for this ??

    Big step for me I dont have the Steering Wheel Controls Schematic yet but should be easy to get that ??

    just looking for an answer is this possible.

    My idea just pop in my head

    The left control will be vol up/ down rocker with center button mute

    right control the tuner / track - up / down


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    Check the FAQ Emporium for a thread on "Hacking your steering wheel controls."
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
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