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  • Vauxhall Steering Controls....

    Thinking about building another car pc system,this time in my new astra se2 coupe,but i cant get round the steering stalk controls,i want to keep them an not have to rip my car to bits,any one else with a vauxhall got them working?

    PC --Epia m10k ,7" Liliput Touch screen,512ddr ,80gb 7200 8mb cache shock technology hdd ,54mbit USB2 wlan

    ICE -- JBL 755.6 Amp, JBL p93 6x9s ,JBL 506c Components ,JBL GT3 12" 1800w Sub, 4AWG Cabling,Uprated Battery

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    have you either probed them with a multimeter and/or got a copy of the wiring diagram so you can figure out what kind of problems you face?

    If they are on your column (not the wheel) then you may be able to solder lines to the switches and run them down your cowling to a gamepad and use something like steveg's control software or if its a 2 wire bus you can hook that inplace of a analogue joystick and use god_of_cpus software to set up keypresses for different resistances.