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MTS12000 / DWW-700M Touchscreen looses calibration.

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  • MTS12000 / DWW-700M Touchscreen looses calibration.

    Pretty much I think it's common among these devices but this is absolutly retarted. I was one of the first people to order this MTS12000 from mp3car store, I got it back in May I think, however I had a lot of things that came up before I could install it into my car and today it finally was finished, all wiring was complete and carpc went in. Well right away I realized this thing looses calibration very fast, like after 10-20 minutes sometimes, or if you just retract the screen and extend it back, right away the calibration is lost. This is so frustrating, not only mii12000 cannot fully support it's native resolution but it had tons of problems that had to be worked out, such as modifying it so the stupid lights are not on when it's off, creating custom screws for it, so they don't touch the screen and etc.. I've just had it with this crap, can anyone suggest anything?

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      dont knowif i have the same screen as you but i get the same problem it really sucks have u found a solution????