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Keyboard Input Died ?????

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  • Keyboard Input Died ?????

    I was doing some configuration on the Carputer last night (out of the car) trying to get the Garmin 15L I just installed working.... It was being seen as a Mouse, I guess, and REALLY freaking out the system..... Mouse movement and clicks all over the place.... programs opening and closing.... etc.... I renamed the sermouse.sys file as sermouse.BAK.sys as recommended in a post here....

    The mouse freakage went away... then shortly after this (not sure exactly when) but definately after a reboot, the keyboard was dead. I tried a second keyboard, no success.....

    The NUM / CAPS / SCROLL locks lights do not come on, there is no keyboard in the Device manager, under Keyboard in Control Panel, there is nothing listed in the Hardware tab....

    I did notice when I plug in a keyboard with the system up, the lights (for the locks) blink once, but nothing more... no blinks during bootup....

    I am hoping it is not hardware related (the connector or circuitry on the m/b).... Is there a keyboard drive (for a regular old corded PS2 keyboard) that can be installed.... Maybe I removed the keyboard driver after I changed the sermouse.sys file by bo-bo...... I don't think I did but who knows....

    Any ideas

    Oh, I also did a System Restore to before this sermouse.sys stuff, but that didn't help..

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    hey man, sorry to hear about your trouble with this. Not exactly sure how much help I will be but I could brainstorm with you a bit. First off, did you get your Garmin working with the steps you mentioned? I would check the BIOS. if your GPS took control of your PS/2 ports its possible that it may have disabled the other one. installing PS/2 support with the touchscreen drivers does this to the mouse port. It wouldn't be too far a strech to think that another device couldn't do the same to your keyboard port.

    I think its safe to say that its not your keyboard. And I would venture to say that your mobo hardware is fine too.

    I will do some searching and see what I can come up with. Worst case scenario you do a clean OS install, or at least switch to a USB keyboard solution... assuming your GPS is working now as-is.


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      Ya know, I never got around to check the GPS.... Memory is poor, but once I renamed the sermouse.sys file the jumping cursor problem went away, but I didn't get to the point of looking for active GPS info going in...... The keyboard problems started soon to immediately after that.

      I was thinking about going to a USB keyboard, but the keyboard is only for setup in house.. after that I will use the touch screen for 99% of time and a mini-usb key'b for the other 1%.

      Might just have to go get a full size USB keyboard, but was hoping to fix the problem instead of working around it.....

      Also I don't know if the GPS really "took control" of the PS2 port, I didn't have a PS2 mouse attached.... only had Touch Screen and a USB wireless mouse... which were working fine beofre and after the key'b problem....

      But Thanks much for the thoughts.... I will mull them over some more and any additional you might have would be most appreciated.


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        So does anybody have any ideas on this???

        Googling ain't yielding much..... I have found some references to not working once Windows is up and going, but still working in BIOS and boot up... I have no life in the keyboard at any time.....

        This also leads me to difficulty in reinstalling Windows XP.... My BIOS is 2nd choice to boot to CD, I can't get into BIOS to change cause I have no DEL key..... then even if I do I can't hit F8 to accept license.....

        I feel like I am stuck in a catch 22....

        Any ideas?


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          Doesn't the keyboard even work in the BIOS?


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            Yeah , ive had that problem on two of my comps, I reinstalled windows xp, then Linux , In a nutshell my keyboard port was dead, switched to usb havnt had a problem yet thats been almost a year, if you cant find another solution , I recommend going ahead and get the usb keyboard their pretty cheap these days