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Replacement 4:3 8" Touch Panel For "Super"

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  • Replacement 4:3 8" Touch Panel For "Super"

    Hi guys. I bought this off of ebay and droped the touch panel when I was installing it, so I need another one. Frmo what I understand, its comparable to a Xenarc 8" 4:3 screen. Here are the dimensions for the screen, the panel should be comparable to them:
    outer: 183 mm X 142 mm
    viewable: 163 mm X 127 mm

    Can anyone tell me when I can find a replacement? and please don't tell me to just buy a brand name one....Im strapped for cash ......Thanks in advance.

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    Try here:


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      Thanks tom61. I had seen that site before and I haden't found anything for the aspect ratio. I emailed them anyways to see if they could specify sizes for their larger 4 wire touch panels, because they did not have sizes on their webpage. I'll post the results of the emails when they return mine.


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        The customer service people sent me this link to a page on their site...dunno how I missed it....anyways, they don't have one, so Im still looking!


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          Im really not a guy for bumping but I need to find out if anyone has any info about this? If not, Im gonna end up buying another one (same one, Ive already fitted the screen)....