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Xenarc TSV 7" Touch Screen Resolution Problem

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  • Xenarc TSV 7" Touch Screen Resolution Problem

    Hi guys, I just got a carputer setup installed with a 7" xenarc touchscreen (TSV model) and the person who sold it already had a front end and everything set up but in the 800x600 resolution (which the front end uses and is just a lot better for a tiny screen) when I go to windows (not the front end) there is stuff that is off of the screen. I've tried configuring the screen by changing horizontal position/veritcal position but it does not go far enough. I can't change refresh rate ( if that would help) and it seems like 1024x768 resolution works fine and lets me see everything but then everything is smaller and the front end doesnt fit as nicely. Help please? ^_^

    Also one more problem, I got the touch screen working but I can't seem to right click.. even though i have the mouse int he bottom right of the screen and i click the right mouse button and try clicking it doesnt change anything. Any idea on how to do this? Thank you =)

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    try 800x480
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      The resolution 800 x 480 is not available. 800 x 600 is the lowest