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SONY CD Changer FM Modulator to Just a FM Modulator

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  • SONY CD Changer FM Modulator to Just a FM Modulator

    The CD changer in my car broke so i bought a MP3 playble head unit and i still have the CD Changer Fm modulator on my car. and in my new head unit i don't have a input so is there any way to make the CD Changer FM Modulator into just a Fm Modulator so I could use it with my XM unit coz right now i am reallly low on money so trying to save some

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    any luck with...I'm looking to do the same


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      Most CD changers have the modulator actually within the changer hardware itself. The 'adapter' that goes into the dash is usually just a relay that switches between passing through the factory antenna input, and the input from the modulator inside the changer.

      Most changers that i've worked with are like this, Clarion, Sony, JVC, Audiovox, and no-name brands. If this is the case, you're pretty out of luck trying to 'adapt' it.

      If you have a newer XM unit, pretty much anything newer than a Roady or a SkiFi (like the Roady 2, or SkiFi2), they have FM modulators built in.