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is it possible to have 2 keyboards connected?

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  • is it possible to have 2 keyboards connected?

    i want the small one, but i feel like i am going to need the big one sometimes....

    will it cause problems in windows?
    carputer - done.

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    or this one... sexy...

    carputer - done.


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      very possible. I have a bluetooth, ps/2 and usb that can all be used. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Why NOT?

        If you can plug it in, sure you can use more than 1.
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          I have this one and like most cheap wireless keyboards, its about as good as junk. It only works within about a foot from the receiver, and still the cursor movement is slow and jerky. This is indoors, in a car it will be even worse, likely not even working at all. Oh and it must be re-sync'd every time the computer is booted. And it eats batteries.

          Originally posted by shrinkydinx
          or this one... sexy...