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  • Wow... Check this out

    Check out the keyboard at this link. Every key is a color OLED display that can show animation. There is also a "mini three" version that has just three keys.
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    That is amazing, I'm getting one as soon as they come out!!!!


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        What, again?

        Edit: I shouldn't search, that's the newbie's job (and it delays my response).
        Ever get the feeling of deja-vu?
        Ever get the feeling of deja-vu?
        Ever get the feeling of deja-vu?
        Ever get the feeling of deja-vu?
        Ever get the feeling of deja-vu?
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          Im going to start ignoring any thread with a title like "wow, this is awesome!", because chances are, its been posted here before or it hit slashdot/engadget like 6 months ago. Next time, make the title more like "keyboard with oled keys" so I know to ignore it
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            yeah, descriptive titles are nice.

            BTW, that keyboard doesn't exist. It is a mocked up concept. It does look like they will finally be available sometime soon though.


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              Wow, that's some nice stuff there.

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                I want my click back! This is like a year old...
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                  old news. and you cant use it on a whats the point?
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                    I like the way they try to cram all this information for the "applet" buttons, those pushbuttons on the 3-button dealie are only 1"x1". It's good to see they are finally making something after a year or two of just having that concept art.