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touchscreen keeps reverting to "right click"

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  • touchscreen keeps reverting to "right click"

    I'm having a wierd problem with my Lilliput touchscreen monitor. It works fine for a couple of minutes, then for some reason, it converts all the "touches" from the normal "left click" to "right click". Whick is a pain in the *** since I have R.R. load automatically and right clicking in R.R. does nothing. Then I have to get out the keyboard and kill r.r..

    Sometimes I can go for days without any problems, then sometimes it does it all the time.

    I guess the first thing I'm gonna try is to reload the drivers for the touchscreen. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and know of a fix.

    Come to think of it, I have a usb keyboard that could possibly be causing it too, I'll uninstall that and see if that helps.

    1997 Corvette

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    had the exact same problem after adding a USB keyboard. Fixed the problem by:
    Removing touchscreen drivers, restart.
    reload usb keyboard, restart
    reinstall touchscreen drivers.

    restarts appeared to be necesary


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      I don't have the car pc near me, but if you load the driver application that is installed, there is a little box in the lower right corner where you can set the default action....right or left click.

      Start that, then switch to left, then stop the application.

      I only see this box after installing the most recent driver. I will remove it, and install the old driver that I had before


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        I ended up uninstalling my usb keyboard and mouse. No more problems for about a week now.

        I'm gonna try uninstalling my drivers for my touchscreen, then installing the drivers for my keyboard & mouse, then installing my touchscreen drivers after that. I'll see if that works.
        1997 Corvette