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info about backup keyhole cameras?

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  • info about backup keyhole cameras?

    I'm interested in getting a backup camera for my car, to replace the keyhole lock in the trunk.

    Is there anything I need to know? I found them on ebay for like $50-$60, and am curious if I should buy the more expensive ones?

    Here are a couple of questions that come to mind

    Are they a universal fit? Are keylocks a standard size, and any camera fit any keyhole?

    What angle should I look for? 98 degrees? 100+ degrees?

    How hard is it to remove the keylock from the trunk, and install one of these things? they come with the angle adapters, etc.

    I definitally want night vision (infrared LED's)


    NTSC picture via composite RCA


    is there anything else I should look for? or any other questions I should be asking?

    Thanks for the info!

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    How do you lock the trunk then?

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      Who does lock his trunk anyway. . .
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        i was assuming the trunk would remain locked. I have a key-fob to open my trunk, along with the button in the dash to open the trunk

        would removing the keylock mess the closing/locking mechanism up?


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          ones on ebay dont come with a light.. unusable at night. I have one installed. Quality of the display isnt that great but its a backup cam so thats ok. Its easy to install and easy to wire directly to your psu. Note that the ones advertised with night vision or LEDs will NOT fit ur keyhole they're way too big!
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            the one i'm looking at is autosensing. it has 9 infrared LED's that automatically turn on in low-light levels.

            the ones i'm looking at says "fits most keyholes" ... i emailed him, but he wasn't sure if it would fit my car. I don't know the specifications of the keyhole on my car

            I have a 04 chevy cavalier .. I don't know how i'd find the measurements of the hole, how to measure the hole, or how to remove the keylock...


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              it wont fit.. i know the auction your talking about. Its the same size of the one on the mp3car store. Too big for regular (or any other known) keyholes.
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                why do they call it a keyhole camera if it can't fit in the key hole.. lol..


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                  You are all misguided.....i have an ebay camera and it DOES fit and it DOES have infrared night vision...very clear night vision might i also has an extremely wide viewing angle...i would say 120+.

                  Here's the deal....there are many different ebay cameras available.

                  Sonic, the one you bought was the wrong should have gotten the one that says "infrared night vision" on it...then you woulda had night vision.

                  Also, you're going to find that the keyhole camera is slightly larger than the traditional keyhole.....this is actually a good thing because it guarantees an extremely tight fit and with the weather stripping (rubber gromet) provided with the're guaranteed a perfect seal.

                  My heyhole was a couple millimeters too small for the keyhole camera, so what i had to do was take a monkey wrench, stick it in the whole, and open it up so that it bends the keyhole outwards...continue to do this in a complete circle until you have a perfect fit for the camera. It takes about 5 minutes of work, but afterwards, you have a perfect fit.

                  Here's a camera that i recommend:

                  - SrCsTc's Bezel
                  - Alpine W200/H701
                  - ED Nine.2X
                  - OZ Matrix Elites
                  - ED Nine.1
                  - Idmax 12's


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                    the specific item i was looking at was this:


                    They have all the specifications in the description.. 120* angle, 380 scan lines, etc etc

                    they have a 1 year replacement gaurantee, and a 100% satisfaction etc

                    i sent them an email asking questions, and they answered within minutes..

                    they seem like a great trustworthy person to buy from, but I still don't know..


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                      surely the light from your reversing lights is enough to show an image of where you're going? The only thing i reallyu want to be able to see is the car i'm parking next to so it's not long distance or anything.


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                        I've done this on my F150..

                        It's one of the eBay ones. They're pretty much just plug and play


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                          ok, I think I have one final question. If I wanted to run the video through the computer (to record, etc) instead of straight to the monitor with a switch, how hard would that be?

                          I see this item in the mp3car store:
                          USB Video capture device - KWorld V-Stream Xpert DVD Maker USB 2

                          What kind of support is there for this device? Does this make the camera function kind of like a webcam? how about support in front ends like centrafuse?



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                            hole size?

                            Originally posted by F150Motocrosser
                            I've done this on my F150..

                            It's one of the eBay ones. They're pretty much just plug and play
                            does this camera fit perfectly in your hole? i don't want to enlarge my hole just incase i want to put the lock back on.
                            Anyone know if getting a CCD camera is worth the $$ or a cmos one is good enough to backup?


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                              i'd go cmos, ccd is better quality picture (usually), but that doesnt matter for a backup camera

                              just get a cheap USB cam, use that, haha, thats what im gonna do