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Anyone hacked an alpine remote?

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  • Anyone hacked an alpine remote?

    Hi. just browsiong ebay I found this:

    theres also this one:

    the first one looks like it has some rotary thing at the top. They seem perfect for what we need as they're already labelled for sat nav and music and so it will be more userfriendly.

    Only thing is will it work with that IR program that reads IR signals and will girder then be able to map the keys?

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    Depend on the input sensor.
    My other alpine remote work fine with Girder and LIRC module. So I assum this remote works just like anyother alpine remote.
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      Does anyone know, what protocol is used by the Alpine remotes?
      Is it the popular rc5, or another one?
      By remote I mean the Alpine RUE-4203.