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  • Self Powered USB help!

    hey guys, i have a carputer with a 90watt psu...usb gps...usb touchscreen..and usb remote control. The only problem is i only have 2 usb i decided to get a selfpowered usb hub so i didnt have to start powering it to the car or powersupply. The only thing is..once my carputer turns off when i take the key out of my car...the blue little light on the usb hub stays on. I dont think thats a problem because the carputer turns off..but i wanna make sure that its ok for that light to be on. the carcomputer is off...the gps red light blinks..and the blue usb light blinks....the gps one has always blinked when it was off and ive been fine..i just wanna make sure that this usb hub wont drain my battery or anything...i have a optima yellow top but im just bein cauctious....think its ok guys?


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    You probably have a M10000 motherboard or something similar if you can power the system w/ a 90w PSU.
    There are headers on the motherboard to add more USB ports, as well, saving you the hassle of the powered USB hub.
    Just a thought.

    If you're concerned about power draw draining the battery, I suggest breaking out the multimeter and seeing exactly how much you're drawing. From that, you can calculate how long you can power that off the battery before you'll lose the ability to start the car. Considering USB devices draw very little power, I'm sure it's not a huge power draw.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      hey thanks for getting back to me...all of the devices besides the GPS are off..and i have has the gps running for about 9 months now and its been im assuming its not to much power then. The only thing is my case has front usb ports but my PSU is in the way so i cant connect those aslong as the usb isnt taking alot of power then its fine..anyone else have this type of setup or think its a problem. thanks