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Lilliput Touchscreen Stops Working!!!

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  • Lilliput Touchscreen Stops Working!!!

    Okay I bought a Lilliput 7" Touchscreen not very long ago. It's the 629GL-70NP. I'm using Windows XP SP2 with all updated drivers and firmware. I have tried using a bunch of different drivers for the touchscreen. Every so often when I boot the computer up, the touchscreen doesn't work. I look in the device manager and it's not even listed! It's like sometimes when windows boots, it forgets that the USB cable is even plugged in! I tried pulling out the cable and reinserting it but that doesn't work. I tried using a different USB port and that usually works after reinstalling the drivers. Let me tell you, this has been a huge pain. I've gotten to the point of almost wanting to get rid of the computer setup because not being able to use the touchscreen takes all the fun away! I searched all through the forums and it seems like no one has been able to find a fix for this issue. I found a lot of posts on this problem so it seems to be very common.

    Has anyone found a fix for this problem?

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    Originally posted by L-U-R-C-H
    Has anyone found a fix for this problem?
    Get a Xenarc!

    Sorry, I really couldn't help myself...
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      Too bad I paid $270 for my Lilliput...that's not gonna happen!


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        hey i had a simlar problem it says usb dvice failed. realy ****ed me off. try pushing the small vga conector into the screen end or wiggle it a bit worked for me.


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          Haha! Guess what guys...I fixed the problem!! It was the USB extension I was using! For some reason it didn't like the active USB repeater cable I was using. I tested er out with a regular passive USB extension and it solved all my problems! It works for hibernation just fine now...whoohoo! Sorry, I'm in a good mood lol.


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            Just some info. I have a 10.4" Lilliput Touchscreen LCD. I was having a problem where the cursor/touchscreen would get reallllyyy sluggish. It was really ****ing me off as it would take 4-5 'presses' to move the cursor. I tried numerous usb ports with no luck. It would even prevent Windows from booting at times. Downloading and installing the latest lilliput drivers helped, but it was still lagging quite a bit. I originally had it plugged into a powered hub, which was plugged into the laptop. Once I ran a regular usb extension cable directly from the monitor to the laptop, it worked perfectly. Go figure. Anyways, I'm happy now too :-) Everything works perfectly.