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  • Lilliput cable

    I have a 809GL-80NP/C 8" touchscreen that suddenly lost its red colour. I tracked it down to a problem with the PC (VGA) cable. That's the one that has the serial plug, the USB plug and the VGA plug all in the one cable. The plugs are moulded and so I can't get into it to fix the presumably loose contact. Is there a way to fix it (I think the problem is in the VGA plug) or do I just have to buy a new cable. If a new cable is the answer, where do I get these cables from? I live in Melbourne Aus.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Oh - I see that Car Computer in the UK sells the combo cable. I will check if anyone in Aus sells them as well. However I would still like to know ifthey can be fixed.