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Lilliput touchscreen acting wierd

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  • Lilliput touchscreen acting wierd

    I have a 7" Lilliput 619GL-70NP/C/T. While using the touchscreen, I noticed that I cant access the outer edges and mouse pointer only appears in the correct spot when I touch the screen in the middle area. If I try to touch it in other areas the pointer is off by almost a half inch. I was wondering if this was a driver issue, or if this was the way the Lilliput's touchscreen really worked? Thanks for any help.

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    Have you run calibration?


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      mine does that if i use the flat part of my finger, try using the nail, its more precise. thats what i have been doing. Yes i ran calibration and no difference. good luck.
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        I've run the calibration and still no luck. It does it whether I use the stylus or my finger.


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          dont know if you fixed this yet but its the drivers, 100% sure on this, i had the same problem, dont use the drviers that came with the unit as they are rubbish, search the net for older drivers and try them.


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            wouldnt be so sure its the drivers, these touchscreens are known for going bad. I had to replace mine after a year, the left side just stopped responding to the finger/stylus. Tried recalibrating, tried new drivers.
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              I get this in the winter as the screen is warm but the overlay is colder which makes a gap between the two, causing improper touch points and the mouse pointer is half an inch off to where I touch the screen.

              There are a lot of problems with a lilli touch screen overlay, some just stop working. You may need to purchase a new one.
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                Any luck?


                I have the same issue with my touch screen on Xandros GNU/Linux. Works fine in Microsoft Windows XP so its not a hardware issue.

                My X and Y were inverted originally but thats now fixed by loading the module as:

                modprobe touchkitusb swap_xy

                I have tried running various alignment programs but the mouse will not show in the relevant box!

                Have you had any luck?

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                  i have just got my 8" lilliput and i had this problem.

                  i ran the 4 point tocuh and nothiung happened so i ran the 25 point touch and its perfect now


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                    25 point on Linux?


                    Did you do this on GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows?

                    If on GNU/Linux, where did you obtain the utility from?

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